Our Projects

During the past 8 years we have been involved in some prestigious projects. However, all our customers are of equal importance to us and each project receives the highest level of attention whether it is to automate your Grandmother’s front door or to install a number of plate glass doors to a landmark building.

We are continually gathering photographs so you can see the full range of the types of work we undertake. In the meantime we have written a little about some of the diverse installations we have undertaken.

We were asked by Selfridges to remove the existing 2 pairs of plate glass swing doors as they were catching in the wind and smashing the glass. This is the entrance at the end of the tunnel leading from the 8th floor of the car park, crossing the main road, to the store. We removed the existing entrance and replaced it with a pair of plate glass sliding doors. At the same time we replaced all the surrounding polished chrome on the entrance supports. All the work was completed overnight so there was no inconvenience to the store’s customers.

We were approached by the facilities manager at the surgery where I was, at that time, registered as a patient. They had previously invited two other automation companies to take a look at the existing entrance porch which was constructed from wood and had 2 swing doors. The doors were in poor repair and the only solution which had been suggested was to remove the entire porch section and replace it with new aluminium screenwork and new doors which were then to be automated. When we surveyed the site we suggested that as the only part of the entrance and lobby that was in poor repair was the door sections that these should be removed and replaced with colour matched aluminium and the doors automated. This proved to be a most cost effective solution and the results were highly satisfactory.

Oakmeadow Surgery

Like a number of companies Rolls Royce employ disabled staff and one of their employees at the Bristol site is confined to a wheelchair. In order to assist him in moving more easily around the building in which he works we were asked to automate a large number of existing doors and to install a new main entrance slider. We interfaced with the existing access control system installed in the building and ensured that he was able to access all the areas required including the car park.

At the start of the construction of the recently completed Highcross Centre in Leicester one of the initial phases was to alter the access from the existing car park into the Shires Shopping Centre. We were responsible for automating twelve pairs of swing doors leading from the parking area into the lift areas over three floors. All the doors are fully automatic, opening as they are approached from either side.

Shires Shopping Centre

This was a large project involving three phases of installation which included some new aluminium door leaves and also some repairs to existing doors prior to automation. We installed automation throughout the college allowing the students to move around the campus more easily.

This building is currently nominated for a number of design awards and has recently been visited by Her Majesty the Queen during her visit to Leicestershire. This was a difficult brief due to the stringent requirements of the architect. The whole external building is fabricated from glass as are the three double entrance lobbies which we were required to automate, without any wiring or equipment being visible! This was finally achieved and the result is most impressive.

Curve Theatre

GPS PROXIMITY SYSTEMS for London & Quadrant Housing Trust
We have been working with London and Quadrant Housing Trust for a number of years mainly installing and maintaining automated front door systems for their less able residents. Initially we were asked to specify an access control system for twelve of their residential homes which could be administered from their Head Office; this has now been rolled out to all the sheltered schemes in the Northern Neighbourhood. The system operates with a SIM card at each site so no computer or telephone lines are needed. When a new tag needs to be added or a lost one deleted, the database at Head Office is amended and the SIM at the site is telephoned, this updates the information.

DENTAL ART for end user
These shop premises were acquired by our client to be transformed into a private dental practice. He wanted to project an ‘up market’ image to his clients. We installed aluminium shop windows and also a single sliding door, as the door fronts the pavement we made it open automatically from the reception area for customers leaving the premises and installed a push to open button outside to activate the door. The push button allows the door to open only when customers wish to enter the premises rather than opening every time someone walks past.

Dental Practice

MRS WILLIAMS for Oadby Council
This lady is confined to a wheelchair and was unable to leave her house without assistance as there are steps at the front of her property and she was unable to open the existing patio door due to her condition. We removed the existing patio door and screen and replaced it with a screen and swing door. Now the door has been automated and a new ramp installed, by our builders, Mrs Williams can now press a button to leave and return to the house without relying on others.

Mrs W


This is the main entrance to the new centre. The 6.5 metre operator carries the plate glass doors. During the hours that the centre is open to the public the doors open automatically as they are approached from either side. When the centre is closed to the public the activation is turned off and the access control system is engaged, this locks the doors but still allows authorised staff to enter by using the proximity reader. We also installed a door contact switch which activates the air curtain heater above the doors as they open; this helps to help maintain the temperature in the reception area economically as the heater only comes on when the doors open.

Salford Cathedral

These works formed a major part of Cheshire Peaks’ refurbishment works to achieve compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and to improve the mobility of their residents. The works encompassed all of the communal main entrances, 12 in total. Most of the sites were re-fitted with new aluminium and glass doors and new proximity readers which were installed to safeguard the safety of vulnerable residents. In addition, some of the internal communal doors were automated in particular lounge and laundry doors. We currently service and maintain all of these installations.

Ryles House Lounge

Chapel Court Main Entrance