Automatic Sliding Doors

At Easy Open we use the latest technology from Italy, Germany and Switzerland to power our automatic sliding doors. All of our products are CE approved very high quality and are proven to be reliable. We have a range of automation units including one which is only 10cms (4″) high; this product fits unobtrusively into almost any opening. It is particularly appropriate where headroom is limited and for ‘all glass entrances’ where larger automation units would spoil the overall appearance.

All of our products are extremely reliable, low maintenance and are suitable for both single and double leaf doors. Heavy door leaves can be automated through the use of additional heavy duty carriages.

Standard features we offer on all sliding doors are:

  • Full threshold safety
  • Side screen safety
  • Pocket screens – where required
  • Emergency opening in the event of a fire or power failure
  • Various methods of activation – for more information please click here Activation & Access Control.

If you are considering installing a single or double sliding door set into an opening the following information will be useful:

Single Sliding Door
The minimum brick to brick width required for a single sliding door opening over a side screen allowing a clear opening of 1,000mm and without a pocket screen is 2,450mm.

Bi-Parting Sliding Doors
The minimum brick to brick width required for a pair of sliding doors opening over two side screens allowing a clear opening of 1,000mm without pocket screens is 2,770mm

The above measurements allow the back stile of the door to stop 200mm from the brickwork to prevent trapping hazards and to comply with BS7036.  Where this BS7036 requirement would reduce the clear opening unacceptably a pocket screen can be erected in front of the fixed side screen to create a pocket for the door to open into.  Pedestrians are protected from trapping hazards by the screen so the door can open right back to the walls thus increasing the available clear opening by 200mm for a single door and 400mm for a pair of doors.

Where the opening is narrow, providing there are no impediments to the door opening over the face of the building, the door/s can be hung on the inside face of the opening and the door/s can then open over it.