Automatic Swing Doors – Fully Automatic and Low Energy

Fully Automatic Doors

Fully automatic doors are most commonly found in retail situations; the doors open as they are approached from either side by pedestrians. Where the doors are sent a signal to open automatically, usually by motion sensors, additional safety measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the pedestrians using the doors. 

Low Energy Doors

Low energy doors require an action by the pedestrian to activate the door, this can be a number of things but usually takes the form of a push pad which, when pressed, sends an activation signal to the operator to open the door.  Low energy doors move with less force and speed than fully automatic doors and so do not require any safety sensors to comply with BS7036.  However, where the users are likely to be elderly, infirm or disabled a safety sensor which prevents the door from closing on anyone lingering in the threshold area is recommended.

Low energy doors can still be used as manual doors by the able bodied as the resistance posed by the operator is no more than a standard manual door closer.   

These installations are a perfect solution for compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act, click link for more information, and situations where the door would be triggered unnecessarily by passing foot traffic e.g. if a retail outlet fronted a pavement.

Features available for all automatic door installations include:

  • Full on-door safety to prevent accidental striking of pedestrians
  • Variable opening and closing speeds
  • Hold open facility
  • Fail open on fire signal – battery backup connected to fire board
  • Guaranteed closing of the door, even during power failure – for fire doors
  • Variable length of hold open time during cycle
  • Break out facility
  • Safety barriers where required

Our extensive range of operators ensure that our client’s needs are fully met. We can configure the operators to open on fire alarm or alternatively, always close fully to maintain the integrity of fire doors.

Both fully automatic and low energy installations are fully compliant with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act/Equality Act 2010

We can design a secure system to suit your requirements or interface the new automation with your existing access control system.  For more information please click here Activation & Access Control.