5 ways to make a building more disabled friendly

There are millions of disabled people up and down the country struggling to find work.

But it’s not because they can’t work. It’s simply that many premises aren’t suited to their disability.

Altering a building to make it more disabled friendly can be a daunting task though. There’s a lot to think about.

In an effort to help we’ve put together a list of 5 ways to make your property much more accessible for people suffering with a disability.


The first challenge is going to be entering your building. Someone in a wheelchair will struggle without the aid of a ramp.

So, step one of the transformation will be to ensure that people can get inside with the use of things like ramps, disabled friendly elevators and automatic sliding doors.

It’s also important that you consider other disabilities such as visual impairments. Provide hand rails where necessary and Braille guides when possible.


If you’re looking to make your building disabled friendly then you must provide disabled toilets. They’re an essential component of any building.


If your business is located in a built up area then you may struggle to provide specialised disabled parking. But if you have quite a large parking area then this is something you must do.

Always designate disabled spaces as close to your building as possible.

Staff training

If you’re implementing these changes in the work place then you should make sure that staff have taken ‘diversity in the work place’ training program.

You don’t want staff members ignorantly dealing with a disabled customer.

Remove all obstructions

Lastly you should assess each room in your building and think about the potential risks or obstructions they pose to disabled people. If a risk is found then it should be removed or another solution presented.

Making your building disabled friendly is something that everyone should be working towards.