Accessibility – Is your business falling behind?

Accessibility should be something that every business takes seriously. Consider how easy it is for people to enter your building. If they have a disability is it a challenge to enter?

Ease of access does reflect on your business so you should take every step you can to ensure that it isn’t a problem. Here we’ve outlined a few things that you should do to make your business accessible.


How do people access your building? Through the doors! You need to make sure that they’re wide enough to the high traffic that you may experience, or anyone wheelchair visitors to your store.

Automatic doors prove to be the most popular with many businesses. They’re perfect for high traffic buildings and they can help conserve energy. ’Traditional’ doors often end up stuck open meaning that the building quickly becomes cold. In turn this will make the heating work overtime, pushing up your electricity bill.


If you’re entrance is raised then you’re going to have to make adequate adjustments to your steps. For some, they’re often a barrier. If your steps are difficult to climb for the disabled, injured or elderly then you’re going to have to consider a ramp.

There are temporary ramps that can be installed but it would make much more sense to have one permanently put in.

If your entrance is down a side alley then it’s definitely worth considering moving it to a more accessible location.


Many businesses fail to offer directions. Their building is full of different departments, littered all over the place. How do you expect visitors to find the department they need?

Be sure to use simple signs that are easily located. Don’t make it hard work for your visitors.


Make sure that all areas that guests will be using are well lit. If it’s dark, not only will it be hard to navigate, but it’s putting those people at risk too.


All routes through the building should be kept open and clear of clutter. If there are hazards through the route they should be clearly marked up.

If you’re designing the building, make it easy to find the way in, and the way out.

Consider these things and ask yourself is my premises accessible? If it isn’t it could be affecting your reputation and costing you customers.