Activation & Access Control

Activation Methods

There are many methods of activating a door. The most common are motion sensors where the door opens as it is approached from either side and installations where the door is triggered by pressing a push pad.
We can mix and match activation methods for example, the door can open from the outside by pressing a push pad and open automatically from the other side via a motion sensor. This configuration is particularly appropriate when the door fronts a pavement with lots of foot traffic which is not necessarily entering the premises.
We now offer an option to use touchless switches rather than steel faced push pads for activation. As there is no physical contact required to activate the switch the potential transference of Covid-19 is eliminated.

If you have existing standard push pads or press to exit buttons we can swap these for the new Touchless Switches eliminating virus transference and infection for your automatic door users.

For our disabled clients we offer a range of activation methods dependent upon their individual dexterity. We have a number of hand held transmitters which vary in size and also larger button boxes for those with dexterity difficulties. The button on the transmitter/box is pressed and the door will open automatically from either side. We have also used blow switches, interfaces with environmental systems and short range readers for severely disabled clients.

Access Control

The security of homes and businesses is more important than ever. Access control basically means that only authorised people can gain entry to the building and any visitors can be vetted before they are admitted. Access control can take many forms and is tailored to the needs of the end user. We can interface with existing access control systems and these can also be teamed with conventional activation devices. For example the door could be fully automatic during office hours allowing anyone to enter and automatically switch to access control at an agreed time, say 5pm through a timer. The door would then be locked and would only unlock and power open when a valid token or code was presented to the reader.

Products Include

  • Key pads
  • Proximity readers
  • Audio and Video call points
  • Biometric fingerprint readers

Normally a site will have a method for employees or residents to access the premises, usually a proximity reader or a key pad. In addition, there may be a call point which visitors use to be identified; the door can then be unlocked and opened remotely usually by pressing a button on a telephone handset.

For sites with many users such as a sheltered housing scheme, a method of administering the issued access control tags can be difficult especially if there is no full time warden on the site.
Tags which have been lost or stolen need to be deleted from the system as soon as possible in order to maintain the security of the building and newly issued tags need to be enrolled on the system in order for them to operate. London and Quadrant Housing Trust now have numerous installations throughout London which we installed for them. The system uses GSM technology which means that all the sites can be administered from Head Office without any requirement for telephone lines, computers or people at the sites where the proximity readers are installed.