Concealed Sliding Doors

We have installed concealed sliding doors in a variety of locations to meet the customers’ requirements. In the case of both Rolls Royce’s sales suite and a domestic customer’s kitchen both clients were looking for a sliding door with minimal impact on the aesthetics of the room.

This is a photo of the kitchen door awaiting completion of the building works. The operator is fitted to the existing or new wall, the door is hung off the brickwork so no bottom guide track is needed. When our works are completed the false wall is erected by the contractor, with an access panel, in front of the operator. This hides the equipment and the door runs into the pocket when activated.

The door leaf can be of any material. We can supply glazed aluminium to your design, plate glass as in the photo or you can provide timber – solid or partition which can be painted or papered after installation.

Existing manual sliding doors, which run into pockets, where one of the walls can be fully accessed, can also be retrofitted. Please see Case Studies page

Case Studies