Domestic Installations

Domestic Installations

We undertake installations to domestic properties. These are usually for the less able or elderly customers to allow them to enter, exit and move more freely around their homes.

Front and Back Doors
Our front door package allows the resident to open the external door automatically, usually by using a key fob transmitter. This removes the need for keys and eliminates the problem of trying to open the door manually. We meet all our end users to assess their capabilities and to provide the most appropriate method of activation specific to their abilities and requirements. For relatives and carers we can fit a keypad outside which has an integral fob reader so authorised visitors can gain entry without disturbing the resident. For more information on activation methods please click here: Activation & Access Control.

We have a specification which is designed for bathrooms and toilets to be used by less able people. It is simply to use and offers visual indication of when the bathroom is vacant or engaged.
The door locks, unlocks and opens automatically from either side by touching a pad. We install an override system so that the door can be opened, even when occupied, in the event of an
emergency. Ideal for disabled washrooms in commercial premises, schools and colleges and also domestic situations where locking is required.

Pocket Doors
We have operators available which will automate existing internal sliding doors running into a cavity providing the inner wall is accessible. A perfect solution for bathrooms with sliding doors. To view a completed project please click here Case Studies.

The cost of automating doors is fairly prohibitive for domestic customers and most of our instructions for these types of installations are received from Housing Associations, Occupational Therapists and Social Services. Should your enquiry be for yourself or a relative in need of this type of installation we would recommend that you contact your local authority or social services representative to enquire about financial assistance. For information on eligibility and further details please click here:  Disability Rights UK